Black Pearl Astrology: February

This February, Venus will be in Pisces, the sign she is the happiest and most at home in, until February 19....

This February, Venus will be in Pisces, the sign she is the happiest and most at home in, until February 19. For the past two months, Venus has been in the signs of Capricorn and Aquarius, where she hasn’t felt as comfortable being herself. With Venus in Pisces, it is time for a refreshing, more light hearted energy shift. Topics that Venus represents, such as love, closeness and connection, will be felt more and flow more easily. This is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy creative endeavors such as music, art, or other activities that enliven the senses. At the beginning of the month on February 5, there will be a Full Moon in Leo which will have a feeling of warmth, radiance and creative fire. The Leo full moon energy combined with Venus in Pisces can feel bold and dramatic with a touch of sensitivity. This is a peak time to gather your courage and express what is in your heart. Expressing yourself openly and genuinely can be healing to yourself and others. The Full Moon in Leo will be in a square aspect to Uranus in Taurus. With Uranus in the mix, there can be events that are unexpected and a sudden expansion in areas that have felt blocked. With Leo being the sign of the lion, this full moon urges us all to roar. So be bold and have full permission to act with creativity and courage. 

On Valentine’s Day, Venus and Neptune will join forces in Pisces, and at the same time, the Sun will catch up to Saturn in Aquarius. These are two distinctively different vibes, and feelings could end up feeling contradictory in the process. With Venus and Neptune together, there is a feeling of romantic dreaminess, divine love and oneness. On the other hand, with the Sun and Saturn together, there can be a sense of some needed realism and accountability. This could be a great mix and wonderful opportunity for some romance in an established committed relationship. But be wary, with the rose colored glasses of Venus and Neptune, situations could be too good to be true and will not pass the test when it comes to the reality check of the Sun with Saturn. It is still a great time to enjoy yourself no matter what, just know that with both of these energies going on at once, signals could feel a little mixed. In addition to the above mentioned themes, the Moon will be opposite Mars which will add some extra fire to the situation. On the bright side this could spice things up but it could also bring some irritations to the surface. On Valentine’s day it is customary to focus on romantic love, but keep in mind other types of love which are enriched with Pisces energy this month. Pisces is a water sign expressing sensitivity, intuition and compassion. Showing ourselves more love, humanity more love and our planet more love are ways that everyone can bask in the foam of the Pisces surf. 

A few days after Valentine’s Day, on February 19, there will be a new moon in Pisces. This is a good time to feel into your emotions and plant the seeds that have the potential to bring your dreams into reality. During the new moon in Pisces there is a heightened sense of optimism and hope for the future. Because new moons are times of darkness, this is also an opportunity to go inward. Make time for some alone time or deepen your connection with those that are close to you. By shifting your focus inward at this time you can take advantage of the new moon energy to process and integrate what you have been feeling since the year began. March will be an exciting and dynamic month so take the opportunity now to reflect on and integrate your feelings and experiences. 

Sun / Rising Sign Horoscopes
Most accurate using your Rising Sign. Use your Sun sign if you don’t know your Rising Sign.

This is a keen time for deeper self awareness. There are forces at play that may challenge your sense of self, but can lead to significant personal growth.

Meet up at the watering hole, whether that be the beach, happy hour, or special time with friends, and let go. Your inner circle gives you much needed relief after expending great amounts of grit and determination at work.

There is a crystallization of purpose in regards to your career goals. You are now more adept to show up to the job with commitment and integrity. This year will see you expanding your horizons professionally. 

You may find yourself on a new path of study or expanding belief systems. As you do, you come to understand how this impacts those close to you and the world at large. 

Good opportunities can come from partnerships and other people’s resources. But buyer beware, what will the ultimate cost be? What will be expected from you later on down the line?

By understanding yourself more deeply you can open yourself up to pleasure. Good fortune is found with others that appreciate the real you.

Incorporating laughter, sleep and healthy foods into your routine will help you feel vital. Don’t ease up on self care and welcome the support from others. 

It is through pleasure that you regenerate yourself. Spend time creating and recreating with a sense of childlike wonder, but beware of going too far over the top.

This is a perfect time for enjoying the company of family and appreciating home. Make space for tranquility and healing and find a safe space to feel your emotions. 

Find a softer, more intuitive way to communicate your “boss” energy. By being more gentle with your mind and intellect, you harness your power by empowering others. 

Something is growing in the garden of your own personal resources. Your talents and self worth are more valuable than dollars in your bank account. 

You are becoming someone new and changing for the better. A feeling of hope and inspiration boosts your self worth and aids in a greater capacity for forgiveness of others.

Daisy Finch

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Sen. Schatz Spearheads E-Bike Rebate Bill

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