Black Pearl Astrology: January

Every new year there is hopefulness in the air and an opportunity for a fresh start. 2023 however, starts out with a Mercury retrograde beginning on December 29 and continuing all the way until January 18th. Mercury is the planet of communication, ideas, learning and technology. When Mercury is retrograde, it isn’t the most ideal time to start something new. The energy of Mercury retrograde is in contrast to the common New Year’s resolution “Let’s make big changes!” vibe. Very often, we make new year’s resolutions in reaction to the indulgence we have had over the holidays, and may even come from a place of guilt. The good news is that it is the perfect time to give yourself a break. Take the first 18 days of the month to do things that are more conducive during a Mercury retrograde. This would include activities such as reviewing paperwork, returning something you borrowed or bought, revisiting a podcast you wanted to listen to again, or remembering something you forgot to do. Finish up any unfinished business and tie up loose ends for anything that may have been left incomplete from last year. And most importantly, give yourself the time and space to recover from the holidays. By taking the time to feel some completion before charging forward you will hopefully feel more centered and ready for the year ahead. 

On January 6th, there will be a Full Moon in the sign of Cancer. Themes related to the sign of Cancer include emotional connections and bonds, nurturing, family, safety, and belonging. For a few days leading up to and after the Full Moon, emotions can be heightened. This can be a time when we reflect on the holidays and are thankful for the family we have and appreciate. It can also bring up sadness and a sense of loss for loved ones we miss or for a family we wish we had. This can be a good time to make amends or resolve things, as it will be happening during the Mercury retrograde. The holidays can be stressful with expectations and demands. We are on the go most of the time and the Full Moon in Cancer is an opportunity to reflect and explore your feelings. The feelings that emerge when we spend time with people that make us feel cared for, supported and accept us for who we really are, are vital for our emotional wellbeing.

Later in the month on January 21, a few days after Mercury starts moving forward again, there will be a New Moon in Aquarius. This is a wonderful time to plant the seeds for something you would like to see come to fruition in 2023, and to start making forward progress. The timing couldn’t be more perfect for a fresh start right after the retrograde when we had time to reflect, tie up loose ends, and explore our feelings. The planet Saturn rules the sign of Aquarius and can be supportive in starting up something that is sustainable for the long haul. Good things come to those who wait and consistently put the work in. Most importantly, create a plan for something that makes you feel good, because if it feels good, you will most likely be able to stick with it. Set the foundation you are going to build on, working steadily towards whatever you want to accomplish this year. Venus will also be involved with the New Moon, and themes related to commitment and responsibility in relationships could very well come up. 

Sun / Rising Sign Horoscopes
Most accurate using your Rising Sign. Use your Sun sign if you don’t know your Rising Sign.

Although you have no problem doing things solo, it’s a good time to create cohesive collaborations. Group endeavors can be fulfilling and bring about tangible results. 

It can be easy to get stuck in the same uninspiring work environment. Make time this year to find the work that lights you up and gives you the security you crave without sacrificing your creative spark. 

There has been a focus on the direction of your life and of your purpose in the world. Take what you have learned and forge a new path ahead in alignment with your curiosity and keen intellect. 

You are in tune when nurturing and connecting with others. Are your relationships giving you the emotional support, comfort, and safety you need? 

Do you have the freedom and support to shine within your committed relationships? You may feel a new or renewed commitment if it’s a good fit. 

Make sure your heart is in the work you do. Find a work atmosphere that appreciates your unique talents. 

Now is the time to plant the seeds for more pleasurable pursuits in the year ahead. Remember, a key component to a healthy relationship is fun. 

The feelings run deep in your inner circle. Spending time with those you can trust brings you the safety you desire. 

Keeping up a solid daily routine can give you the freedom to fully soar in your pursuits of doing what you love. 

Little by little you have been putting in the hard work and it’s starting to pay off. Your talents have true potential for prosperity. You are your greatest resource. 

The hard work is paying off for you personally. Focus on creative endeavors and having fun and this year should seem much lighter than last. 

After so many social engagements it is time to turn inwards. Create new routines that nurture your soul. Perhaps turning your phone off, reading a book, and going to bed early.  

Daisy Finch