Black Pearl Astrology: March

March is an exciting month astrologically with many planets changing signs....

March is an exciting month astrologically with many planets changing signs. To start things off, on March 2nd, there will be a conjunction of the planets Venus and Jupiter. They will be visible together in the evening sky at sunset. Venus and Jupiter are the brightest objects in the sky, exceeded only by the Sun and the Moon. Venus and Jupiter are known in astrology as benefics. That means they are associated with good things, such as Venus with connection and love, and Jupiter with abundance and optimism. This is a lovely moment where you could feel rewarded for something or just feel like things are going right in a certain area in your life. Although everything most likely isn’t perfect, this is a good time to count your blessings and feel a sense of gratitude.

 At the same time, Mercury, the planet of ideas and communication will enter the sign of Pisces. With Mercury in Pisces, there will be a more dreamy quality to our thoughts. Mercury isn’t in its most comfortable place in Pisces because Mercury is more concerned with the details while Pisces is more interested in the way things feel. This combination invokes a more compassionate, empathetic tone to our thoughts and communication. This really isn’t a bad thing, but it may be more challenging to focus on completing tasks. On the 7th, we will have our first lunation of the month, a Full Moon in the sign of Virgo. Virgo is the sign opposite to Pisces and is more focussed on the facts and details. The days around the Full Moon in Virgo are a great time to go through things, organize and make things more efficient. Use this energy to your advantage and knock a few things off your to do list that need tending to. It’s a good time to clear the clutter or to find ways to make things more functional. Remember less is more, so getting rid of things that are unnecessary and in the way, is a smart idea. The Full Moon in Virgo can help you to focus on addressing the smaller details (Virgo) so the dream (Pisces) can grow. In addition to Mercury moving into Pisces this month, Saturn enters the sign as well. Mercury moves relatively fast through the zodiac from the perspective of Earth, while Saturn moves much slower. In fact, Mercury will be in Pisces for only 16 days while Saturn will be in the sign of Pisces for the next 2 and a half years. This is a big shift as Saturn, the planet of time, responsibility and structure, has been in the sign of Aquarius since 2020. Wherever Saturn makes his way through the zodiac there is work to do. With Saturn changing signs, there is an area of life that now has a sense of completion and a new area of life that will come into focus where challenges and setbacks may occur, but progress will ultimately be made. 

By the 16th of the month, Venus will move into the sign of Taurus. Taurus is one of the signs Venus rules, making this her happy place. Venus in Taurus loves things that invoke the senses such as enjoying a good meal (don’t forget the dessert), spending time in nature, and romantic connection. Venus will be in Taurus until April 11th so take the opportunity to enjoy some Venus inspired time. 

Treat yourself or a loved one to some flowers, find ways to spruce up your beauty or self-care routine and wear things that make you look and feel good. A few days later on the 20th, the Sun will move into the sign of Aires, with a New Moon in Aires occurring the following day. This marks the beginning of the astrological new year. In astrology, Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, representing a new start, like striking a match to get the fire going or like a seedling that bursts forth from the ground. There will be an urge to to take action and it will be a potent time to plant seeds for growth for 2023. The energy will finally start to shift to an action oriented feeling of motivation for forward moving progress.

Sun / Rising Sign Horoscopes
Most accurate using your Rising Sign. Use your Sun sign if you don’t know your Rising Sign.

You have abundance and good fortune lighting your fire and aiding you in external pursuits. Make sure to nourish your inner world as well by seeking therapy and alone time. 

When Venus enters Taurus mid-month, it’s your time to indulge yourself and enjoy some solo self-care. 

If challenges come up around work, enlist in your good friends and community connections for the support you need. 

Use this time of good opportunities in the workplace to make sure that the work you do is in alignment with who you are. 

There are good opportunities for exploring your faith, beliefs and purpose this month. Tune in and see what you can learn. 

If things feel tricky right now in regards to relationships, investigate what it is that you truly want to build.

Good fortune shines on your closest relations where you can feel understood and supported. 

While work and relationships feel rewarding right now, a little extra effort is needed for creative expression and the needs of children. 

The spotlight is on joy and creativity this month, have some fun with your family and loved ones.

There are opportunities for good fortune at home. Make sure to tend to dealings with neighbors and keep the peace. 

There is an ease with communication and letting your light shine. Taking care of your health is vitally important right now. 

Remember that you are your greatest resource. Invest in your health and well being, and put yourself first. 

Daisy Finch

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