Black Pearl Astrology: November

It’s eclipse season so get ready for a plot twist! For the most part, eclipses happen twice a year across two signs of the zodiac. They always occur in pairs and sometimes there is a third or fourth. This fall, two eclipses will happen: one on the New Moon in Scorpio (on Oct. 25) and the other on the Full Moon in Taurus (on Nov. 8). During eclipses, temporary shadows are cast over the consistent light that normally shines or reflects from the Sun and the Moon. This disruption of light is mirrored in our experiences here on Earth. Because of this, eclipses are known to be a potential time of change, disruption and chaos. The time between the eclipses is known as an eclipse window. Events happening during this time have long-term impacts on our lives. Usually, when eclipses come around, somewhere in your life the story is going to change. Eclipses are also known as a time of beginnings and endings. 

On Oct. 25, the moon will catch up with the sun at two degrees of Scorpio to form a partial solar eclipse. Venus will also be in the same part of the sky, helping rewrite the story. Here, there is an opportunity to gain more clarity on our relationships and the things we value. Things can feel emotionally intense so take some time to sit with your feelings. Examine what is and is not in alignment with where you are right now and where you want to go. Rather than letting the emotional waters of Scorpio take you down, use the energy to passionately probe the shadows. There is an old story that is ready to be let go. By identifying ways that we self sabotage ourselves, we can find a stronger sense of healthy self-empowerment. If the Scorpio energy feels too intense, know that ultimately what breaks you down can build you up, like a phoenix rising from the ashes. Unfortunately, this eclipse will not be visible on Maui, but it will most likely be felt. 

The second eclipse of the season will be on Nov. 7-8. It will be a total lunar eclipse with a party of planets involved. A key player will be Uranus, the planet of revolution, rebellion, and disruption. In the time leading up to and around this eclipse, unexpected changes can occur out of the blue. With all of the interplay between the planets, the odds are good for some excitement and upheaval. This will be an opportunity to create a new story. A story that is in alignment with the story you are wanting to create. Security loving Taurus loves routine, but there are new ways of doing things. Sticking to the tried and true is no longer cutting it. What is holding you back? Look for a fresh approach but be wary to not go over the top. Maui is favorably located for this eclipse. If the sky is clear, Maui residents and visitors can view the entire event. There will also be an opportunity to view Mars and Jupiter during the eclipse. The eclipse will begin at approximately 10 PM, with the total eclipse happening between 12:16 p.m. and 1:41 a.m., and ending around 4 a.m. 

Sun / Rising Sign Horoscopes

Most accurate using your rising sign. Use your sun sign if you don’t know your rising sign.

There is a change or transformation regarding your resources. This shift could be financial or having to do with your self worth, skills or talents. Review your obligations and dependency on others to make sure there is a healthy balance. 

There is a huge emphasis on personal breakthroughs and individual change for you right now. As you evolve, so do your relationships. As your relationships evolve, so do you. Are your primary relationships mirroring your personal evolution? 

Take some time to go deep and explore what dwells under the surface of your emotions. Therapy, alone time, and rest would be wise choices right now. 

You may have new opportunities socially with groups and friends. This could lead to helpful support furthering your ambitions. There could also be friendships or groups that you have outgrown. This can be a time of finding the right group socially, where you can be yourself and be supported. 

Exciting opportunities may arise at work. Something you have been working on has reached a point of completion or fulfillment. Shifts at work may impact responsibilities at home. 

With an expanding sense of mental awareness you may feel a spiritual or philosophical shift. Do your best to keep an open mind and resist the urge to push your beliefs onto others. 

Issues regarding obligations with others may arise during this time. Healthy boundaries are key and will help to alleviate mental anxiety. 

Relationships are highlighted right now. There may be an unexpected event with a partner. This is the time to explore and communicate your deepest relationship needs. There could be an exciting start, development, or expiration date for a relationship.

Shifts are happening with your health and work routine. Identifying ways that you self sabotage yourself can lead to better health and vitality.

This can be a peak time for creative self expression. There are opportunities for good luck, romance and pleasure. Make some time for the things that bring you joy.

Changes are taking place in your living environment. Dynamics are shifting in regards to your responsibilities with home and family.

Your belief systems are changing and developing in ways you didn’t expect. You may find that you are going about your daily activities in a new and different way. 

Daisy Finch