Da Dish From Trish

A serving of Maui’s arts & entertainment news

Aloha! Trish da Dish here with a fresh column to spice up your life. 

You may have read my words in magazines or weeklies, scrolled by a lively post, heard my jovial rasp cruising airwaves, experienced my small business advocacy, or spied me bustling at an event. I promise you – the enthusiasm is genuine. A blessing or a curse? Research is still underway…  

Consider this a fun spread of news and grooves of Maui’s eclectic arts. There’s an abundance of creativity and goodness thriving here, and this space shares just a few of its sweet morsels. 

Grammy-winning slack-key producer and living legend, Uncle George Kahumoku Jr., received Hawaiʻi Academy of Recording Artists’ Lifetime Achievement Award. We swayed into each other at Weird “Al” recently, and his triumph remains Kahumoku Family Farms, which is looking for interns in Native Hawaiian farming using regenerative and biodynamic techniques. There are endless stories from the fields of musicians’ first notes and priceless moments with the Hawaiian treasure.

On May 5, Uncle George kicks off the 2023 Levitt AMP Hāna Music Series, an exciting monthly concert presented by Hāna Arts through a national grant to bring the joy of free, live music to small communities. 

The Force is strong at the 7th annual Wahine Comedy Festival, featuring eight comics at da Playground on May the Fourth. Maui favorite Corky Gardner serves as this year’s headliner and will open for “Cash Cab” host Ben Bailey on May 25.  

Singer-songwriter Lo Wolf released a stunning video for her song “Son Of A Gun,” shot in the clouds on Haleakalā with videographer Susanna Anderson and photographer Lexi Harry. 

If you caught the pilot for the Maui comedy series “Moku Moku,” you may have noticed Souljah Girl of Kula behind the counter and her hit song “Believe” blasting in Hanzawa’s. Production resumes this month and includes more opportunities for local talent.   

The all-ages scene has enjoyed a welcomed boost with Luktown Syndicate and friends, who present frequent punk rock events at Request Music, Maui’s cherished record store since 1990. The resurgence of Local Punks, a Maui events company from many moons ago, has provided a splendid spark, too. Their team presents national acts with Maui bands and is producing hip-hop shows as well. 

Remember when ArT=Mixx was cool? The ingenious families of Fuzz Box Productions and Event Horizon are taking the reins back for a June 3 event called INSTINCT that is not to be missed.   

The SMALL TOWN*BIG ART angels continue to beautify Wailuku Town with magnificent murals and plan to do pop-up performing arts this summer. Their “Glow in the Garden” exhibition showcases luminous art after sunset at Imua’s Butterfly Festival on May 27. 

Photo by Trisha Smith.

Speaking of town art, did anyone else glance upon the Pā‘ia Town sign last month before it was painted over? “Star Wars” nerds and Maui hippies embraced for a moment in time. Who is the mystery artist? 

See you around the Magic Isle!


Trisha Smith