Green Issue 2023

Welcome to Green, our special section dedicated to environmental issues that impact Maui and the world. 

In these pages you’ll find stories about how to keep our soil healthy, information on fish conservation, an update on the pro-cannabis movement in Hawai‘i (and how it may have a chance of passing under the aptly named Gov. Josh Green), plus a curated listing of local organizations dedicated to sustaining the ‘āina.

The term “green” has become something of a buzzword. In past green issues, we’ve explored the term “greenwashing,” wherein various entities (often large corporations) put on a veneer of environmentalism to cover up their less-than-environmentally conscious actions.

But at its core, the green movement is about protecting and preserving the planet for future generations.

Clean water. Healthy oceans. Saving endemic and endangered species. Reducing our use of fossil fuels to stave off the rising tide of global climate change. These things matter, and we should all do our part.

We’ve been producing green issues in honor of Earth Day (observed on April 22) since 1999. We’re proud of our coverage, which has ranged from planting trees to electric vehicles to eating bugs (seriously). But, as the saying goes, every day is Earth Day.

We’ve only got one planet—and she deserves respect and care.


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