High-Paying Jobs

The Best-Paying Jobs in Maui County By Education Level

Maui is bursting at the seams with “help wanted” signs. Still, finding gainful employment in such an expensive place feels daunting. We get it.

But, as these statistics from the Hawai‘i Department of Labor and Industrial Relations demonstrate, there are decent-to-good-paying jobs on-island, even if you can’t pour a collegiate alphabet soup onto your resumé. In fact, the highest-paying job on this list requires only a bachelor’s degree. You can make six figures with only a high school diploma, and the lowest-paying gig—paradoxically—requires graduate-level certification.

High-Paying Jobs Careers Illustration Courtesy Adobe Stock

No Formal Education Required
Cement masons and concrete finishers: $79,860 (average annual)
Construction laborers: $63,460
Bartenders: $59,780
Tile and marble setters: $57,050
Painters and maintenance workers: $53,890
Garbage collectors: $53,600
Lifeguards and other recreational workers: $52,880

High School/Equivalent
Transportation, storage, and distribution managers: $100,330
Chefs and head cooks: $92,650
Food service managers: $84,430
Construction supervisors: $81,530
Police officers: $75,250
Electricians: $72,140
Mechanic, repair, and installer supervisors: $70,480

Bachelor’s Degree
Medical and health services managers: $129,760
Software developers: $116,200
Registered nurses: $108,330
Construction managers: $99,690
Architect: $90,450
Administrative services managers: $88,270
General and operations managers: $87,930

Graduate Degree
Physicians’ assistants: $107,110
Clinical, counseling, and school psychologists: $80,180
Instructional coordinators/curriculum specialists: $79,080
Physical therapists: $75,670
Social workers: $69,500
Educational/vocational counselors: $62,890
Mental health and substance abuse workers: $48,550

Jacob Shafer