Letters to the Editor: Green Issue Props, “Mainland” vs. America

Illustration By Jeremy Acpal

The Green Edition Made Me Crawl

Way cool cover art on your Earth Day edition (April 2022). After turning the very first page, there in “Shoutouts & Callouts” was a letter from an old friend Jessie Hillinger (Hello Jessie!).

I usually just skim newspapers, but this issue has me crawling over just about every little thing, every little stroke of the pen on every page. It’s Maui artistry for sure. As I sit here and write this, I have only scrutinized 7 pages, 41 To Go. I’ve always liked “Eh Brah” and “Letters to the Editor” is a fav.

I may check out and see if you have home subscribership. ‘Cause I Like It….

—Bill Boston, Kihei

Publisher J. Sam Weiss Responds: Bill, thanks for the kind words. And a huge tip of the hat to our Art Director Jeremy Acpal.

No need to subscribe, at least for now, for we distribute 85,000 copies each month—with our compliments: The USPS delivers each issue to every home (all 57,500 dwellings) throughout Maui County. Plus we distribute 27,500 papers at 310 free newspaper racks around town, especially those places frequented by visitors.

Our business plan is simple: Provide interesting, insightful, and useful content  so readers will cherish each edition. And then advertisers will profit from having their marketing messages noted and read by their current, future, and repeat patrons.

As you know, Maui Time shuttered during and due to the Pandemic. The new re-launched Maui Times (now with an “s”) is just 8 months old. While we are honored and humbled by the support we have received, we still need about two dozen additional advertisers to break even.

So to ensure Maui Times survives and thrives, there are two things you can do that we would greatly appreciate.

First, thank our advertisers whose financial support pays our bills.

And secondly, if you know of a Maui business or non-profit that would benefit by getting their marketing messages into Maui’s largest circulation newspaper, please have them reach out to Shan Kekahuna  at shan@mauitimes.org or 808-244-0777. Mahalo.


People’s Poop Pollutes, Too

Many thanks for your great April Green Edition!

I was surprised your article “Nonpoint Source Pollution Threatens Environment & Our Health: A Local Problem with Local Solutions” (April 2022) did not include human waste from cesspools and sewage overflows.

The brown water alerts that keep us out of the water are often caused by these Nonpoint Source pollutants

Please keep up the great work.

—Bob Kinsey, Kihei

J. Sam Responds: Thank you for the insight. Yes, cesspool/sewage overflows can be a major source of NPS pollution.  If you – or anyone else – have any suggestions for how we should report on this topic, please email our environmental reporter at john@johnstarmer.com


Don’t Forget Da Dirt 

In the announcement about your upcoming Zoom brainstorming meeting at 4:30 PM on Tuesday April 26, you stated that Maui Times focus is on solution-oriented, community-focused journalism that will include how we can work together “to protect and enhance Maui Nui’s air and water, shorelines and reefs.”

Please consider adding soil to that list.

—Crystal Smythe 

J. Sam responds: Agreed, good catch.


“Mainland” vs. America

I totally agree with Kathy Corcoran from Lahaina (Letters, March 2022) that Hawai’i is not America, since it is geographically part of Polynesia.

I do, however, disagree with the reference that the 49 mainland states should be referred to as “America,” since they reside in the same continent as Canada and Mexico, they are all of “North America.”  So, the citizens of Canada and Mexico are as much “Americans” as are the citizens of the United States. This would go for the people of Central and South America as well.

With that being said, when comparing Hawai’i, an island state of the United States and the other 49 states, we should refer to the dictionary: Main·land (mānlənd): Noun meaning a large continuous extent of land that includes the greater part of a country or territory, as opposed to offshore islands and detached territories. Example: “The mainland of Europe.”

It would be more accurate to refer to the 49 states in North America as the “mainland,” than it would be to call them “America.”

—Elov Simmons – Kihei


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