Maui Local Gift Guide

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We already explained why it’s important to shop local for the holidays and keep your dollars on Maui. Now, we’ll offer some examples of products that allow you to do exactly that. From broke da mout edibles to unique wearables to handcrafted furniture and much more, these are things being made on Maui, by Mauians. That’s worth supporting, during the holidays and every day.

HI Spice Hot Sauce

Locally sourced farm-to-taco hot sauce in all kinds of flavors and heat levels: pineapple, guava, mango, lilikoi, dragonfruit, lime, turmeric-ginger, and loads more. Feeling brave? Try their “Ho Brah!” extreme scorpion pepper sauce and get ready fo’ put out da fire! 

Sold at ABC Stores, Foodland, Mana Foods, Down to Earth, and the Upcountry Farmers Market.
Justin Orr & Katie Cook

Maui Jelly Factory

Simply delicious pineapple and coconut jams and fruit syrups ready to sweeten your holiday kitchen. Savory chutney, mustard, and BBQ sauce, too. Their website offers three holiday gift packs to choose from.

Retail store: 1464 Lower Main St., Suite 104, Wailuku. Also sold at the Maui Tropical Plantation Country Market.
(808) 242-6989

Haleakala Creamery

“Farm-to-spoon” dulce de leche caramel sauces: original, coffee, Molokai sea salt, coconut rum, vanilla and chocolate. Made from goat’s milk, like their “goatlato” ice cream. Variety gift packs of three flavors available. 

Sold at Whalers General Store, Mana Foods, Pukalani Superette, Tutu’s pantry, Kihei Foodland, Honolua Store, and the Maui Tropical Plantation Country Market.
(808) 756-3958

Moku Pua Skincare

Brighten up any bathroom with whimsical, colorful handmade bar soap, then pamper the one you love with their Moku Pua (“island flower”) body butter and body mist. 

Sold at the Maui Tropical Plantation Country Market.
Vicki Pillar

Maui Tea Farm & Pono Infusions Teas

Savor those peaceful moments between the holiday chaos with organically-grown, hand-picked black, white, and green tea blends and Hawaiian mamaki tea from Kula. Order fruit-infused loose tea and their spicy chai tea blend online, or gift your favorite tea lover a tour of the farm. 

Retail farm location: 18303 Haleakala Hwy., Kula
Alex and Andrea de Roode
(855) 766-6808

Teri Gleason Ceramics

Gleason’s handmade ceramics often have a tropical leaf theme, as do many of her block-printed linoleum-cut greeting cards. A lifelong artist, she has shared her talents as a Kaunoa Senior Center art instructor for 17 years. 

Sold at Maui Ocean Center, Maui Tea Farm, and the Maui Tropical Plantation Country Market.
Theresa Gleason

Bennett Pottery

Former math teacher Dan Bennett has been making hand-thrown pottery bowls, mugs, and serving ware on Molokai since 1974. Locals love his blue-glazed Molokai mugs, and fish-themed wall art. Ask nicely and he might ship you something, but he’d rather you visit his home studio. 

Dan Bennett
(808) 567-6585

Haʻikū Apothecary

Shed the chemical soaps and lotions and celebrate the tropics with salve, balms, natural deodorant, and other body care products made with locally-sourced botanical extracts.

Briana & Ryan Mabbutt
(808) 268-8427

Serenity Maui

A light wrap for the beach or an evening stroll, Serenity’s colorful ulu (breadfruit), hibiscus, monstera, and pineapple-themed sarongs, scarves, and wraps echo the lush, tropical island where they were born.

Sold at Holiday & Co., Biasa Rose, Water Lily, and Mālama Studio at the Maui Tropical Plantation.
Liz MacGain

Oneloa Maui

Oneloa means long, sandy beach. Their simple, colorful clutch bags, hats, and coin purses make lovely gifts or stocking stuffers, but you might want to grab one of their handy dry bags for yourself. Perfect for stashing a wet swimsuit for the trip home, so everything else in the beach bag doesn’t get damp.

Julia Forbes

Edana Joy Crochet

Started by high school student Edana Phillips as a hobby, these whimsical hand-crocheted stuffed animals, succulents, and keychains are fun for kids and grownups, alike.

Edana Joy Phillips

Cool Blue Maui & Baby Blue

Whether mothers and daughters like go matchy-matchy or pick their own colors, these lovely women’s and girl’s flower print dresses bring the aloha. Then dress baby up Hawaiian style with keiki clothes from Baby Blue.

Mime Furniture

Made from a variety of beautiful hardwoods, Mime’s hand-crafted furniture is painstakingly assembled using the old-school glue and dowel method, so no nails to rust and weaken over time. Their chairs, tables, benches, and cutting boards are finished to bring out the natural beauty of the wood. 

Jeff Sullivan
(808) 954-1792

Kūlua Maui

Subtlety is the theme of Kūlua’s aloha shirts, dresses, and keiki clothing. Light colors and pastel shades give their line a feeling of understated elegance. 

Anna Kahalekulu
(808) 727-0220

Treehouse Designs 

These leather-strapped purses, shoulder bags, and backpacks are as durable as they are stylish and come in a variety of bold, eye-catching fabrics. Suitable for beach or boardroom. 

Shannon Peck
(808) 281-5693

Palapala Designs

Block print fabric art graces these toss pillows, clutch bags, t-shirts, and dresses, lending them a classic vintage look and the feel of old Hawaiʻi. Native plants and animals and the beauty of the Hawaiian culture and its music are rendered in stunning artistry and detail. 

Sold at Native Intelligence in Wailuku, Biasa Rose in Pāʻia, and Maui Ocean Center.
Barbara Chung
(808) 442-2894

Baz Maui Art

This former Caribbean windsurfing champion creates mixed-media botanical collage “paintings” using banana bark, bamboo, coconut, and palm fronds. He says, “Mother Nature is the artist.” Cumberbatch takes his inspiration from the natural world, shaping his canvases like the islands, surfboards and other iconic Hawaiian outlines, then filling them with mountains, beaches, jungles, and leaping whales.

Baz Cumberbatch

Da Beehive

Da Beehive is an active beekeeping sanctuary Upcountry where honey bees thrive. They sell natural beeswax lip balms, creams—and of course honey—at their retail store in Pāʻia, but it’s their delicate, highly detailed beeswax candles that are screaming to be boxed up under the tree this year.

Retail store: 16 Baldwin Ave, Pāʻia
Erica Erickson
(808) 866-6790

Kula Crafts & Flowers

Jon makes classic hand-carved wooden bowls, cutting boards, lazy Susans, and platters. Then Arlene finishes some with a unique seafoam design, like waves washing up on a beach. They also grow flowers at their home in Kula. 

Look for Kula Crafts at the Upcountry Farmers Market in December.
Jon & Arlene Emerson
(808) 222-2484
(808) 271-4057 (Online store closed until Dec. 1.)

Black Sheep Swimwear

Step away from the herd. Mix and match bikini tops and bottoms, then class up the ensemble with swim dresses or beach wraps, and “mermaid” jewelry.

Wraps sold at Maluhia Collective, Wailuku.

Valley Isle Chocolate

Stuff stockings and mouths with these rich, decadent small-batch, single-origin chocolate bars, like their 70 percent cacao bar made from beans grown in Kona. They even make vegan coconut milk chocolate! Or buy a bag of roasted cacao beans and try making your own.

Sold at Alive & Well, Take Home Treasures, Sun Spot Boutique & Gallery, Down to Earth, Mana Foods, and Ho’olawa Market.

Maui Fruit Jewels

“Fruit jewels” are jelly candies made from tropical fruit, organic cane sugar, pectin, and glucose—nothing else. For the kids, consider experimenting with their fruit pastes and purees, and everybody loves their fruit-flavored shortbread cookies. 

Lin and Chris ter Horst
(808) 419-8678

Chutney Swamy Foods

Bring the exotic tastes of India to your holiday table with these inspired condiments from the saucy Swamy. Their popular tamarind sauce, mango sauce, and cumin hot sauce are bursting with flavor. 

Sold at Mana Foods, Pauwela Store, Tutu’s Pantry, and at the family’s Satrang food truck.
Jason and Harpreet Murthi

Intelligent Remedies

Harness the power of plants to maintain your good health. Ami’s organically sourced anti-viral botanical extracts, ailment-specific herbal remedies, and longevity supplements are “built by nature, backed by science.” 

Sold at the Upcountry and Wailea Farmers Markets.
Ami Schorr
(808) 276-7681

Jimmy Lewis Boards

A shaper since 1968, Lewis makes some of the lightest and toughest surfboards, SUPs, kiteboards, and foil boards on the water. Their sandwich construction layers high-density foam over the core blank, with a layer of carbon fiber or fiberglass in between to lend it greater strength, before wrapping it all in carbon or glass again and finishing it with automotive-quality paint. Although manufactured at the Kinetic factory in Vietnam, every prototype is hand shaped by Lewis and tested by his team riders here on Maui. 

Jimmy Lewis 

ʻAlohi Maui Skincare

Rejuvenate your skin with full-spectrum botanical oils and beauty products in waste-free, refillable packaging.

Sold at Imrie Boutique, Mana Foods, Brown Eyed Bella, and Jaws Country Store.
Joelle Lambiotte du Lac
(808) 825-9886

“The Long Corner”— a novel by Alexander Maksik

The fourth novel from Maui author Alexander Maksik. It is early 2017 in New York City, Donald Trump is President and Solomon Fields, a young Jewish journalist-turned-advertising-hack, finds himself disillusioned by the hollowness and conformity of American life. A personal tragedy drives Sol to accept an invitation to an artists’ colony on a tropical island, whose mysterious patron, Sebastian Light, seems to offer the escape Sol desperately needs. But the longer he remains, the more Light comes to resemble Trump himself, and the games he plays with Sol become more dangerous.

Available at Barnes & Noble and bookstores everywhere.

“‘Ohu’ohu na Mauna o ‘E’eka: Place Names of Maui Komohana” by Cody Kapueola’akeanui Pata

Published by University of Hawaiʻi Press, this impressively comprehensive volume of West Maui place names was compiled from dozens of historical maps, 19th & 20th century Hawaiian and English language newspapers, traditional mele (poetic verse), various print publications, recordings of Kanaka Maoli from the region, online databases, and information provided by Pata’s elders.

Says the author, “For Kanaka Maoli (Native Hawaiians), inoa ‘aina have always served to encode and relay meaningful information across space and time, from one generation to the next. Inoa ‘aina continue to be revered as inseparable from genealogies, individual and collective narratives, mele, and prayers, and they persist into modern times as cherished and sacred legacies deserving of deference and appreciation.”

“Good Night, Maui” by Adam Gamble and Mark Jasper & “Goodnight, goodnight, Lahaina Town” by Jim Mayfield and Monika Iwata

The perfect bedtime stories for local kids. These vibrantly illustrated children’s books, filled with friendly creatures and familiar scenes from daily life on Maui, are a delightful way to send your keiki off to dreamland. 

Sold at bookstores everywhere.

Liquid Sunshine Jewelry

Adorn yourself with gifts from the sea! Made in Hana from high-quality Tahitian and freshwater pearls, natural crystals, and seashells collected over 25 years of beachcombing. Strands are 14K gold fill, sterling silver & soft leather.

Robin Newton
(808) 344-6336

Mel Ross Canoe Paddles

Grace the walls of your home or office with an authentic koa wood canoe paddle, hand crafted by master woodworker and lifelong waterman, Mel Ross. These gorgeous creations are accented with other beautiful hardwoods like purple heart, maple, and ebony. Each paddle is a unique, functional work of art and reflects the strength and beauty of the Hawaiian people and their seafaring culture. 

Sold at Maui Hands retail stores in Lāhainā, Wailea, Makawao, and Pāʻia.
Mel Ross

Haliʻimaile Distilling Company

Stoke those spirited family debates in the smoothest of ways this season with craft spirits born of an historic upcountry pineapple plantation. The sweet, ripe Maui Gold fruit is crushed, fermented, and distilled in proprietary glass stills to make clean, crisp Pau Maui Vodka with its hint of fruity brightness; Fid Street Hawaiian Gin crafted with eleven botanicals and fruits; Mahina Premium Rum infused with Kona coffee, Madagascar vanilla, cocoa, clove, cinnamon, and citrus oils; and Paniolo Blended Whiskey, in which fine whiskeys from around the world are blended with neutral pineapple spirits for a clean, smooth finish. 

Distillery: 883 Hali’imaile Rd., Makawao
Mark & Cory Nigbur, distillers
(808) 758-5154

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