Online Resources For Finding Your Next Job

Only you can land your dream job, but these sites can help

We’re glad you’re using our MauiTimes’ Apply Within special issue for your local job search, but we understand that these pages are just one source of job listings and that any serious job hunter would be well-served to check out as many resources as possible.

With that in mind, we have provided an extensive list of internet sites that provide a wide variety of job postings, most of which are easily searchable by location. Some are general interest sites serving all types of employers looking for help, while others are niche-based operations serving particular industries or types of jobs.

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When you’re looking for work, the site that helps you land the best job for your purposes is always the best site. Good luck with your hunt.

Job-search websites: Indeed is the largest job website in the world. More than 250 million folks use this site every month in their quest for employment. You can search by subject (keywords), job title, and location, which also allows you to create and post your own profile if desired. This site is all about networking. It gives you a chance to interact with potential employers while also shopping your services. It’s a great place to connect with other people in your field, which always comes in handy when it’s time to change jobs. You can search here by job title or simply your skill set. You can also find good information about salaries for your kind of work. These guys say it short and sweet; “One search, millions of jobs.” Again, this is a very popular site that can be searched by location, job type, etc. You can search for jobs based on job type, salary, and location here, but more importantly, Glassdoor lets you research employers. It also lets you compare what different companies are paying for the same positions. Their slug line is “you deserve a job that loves you back.” If you are selective about who you work for, this is a good start. Enter the kind of job you want and where you want it located, and the site searches its millions of postings that match. If you upload your resume, this site’s AI will automatically hook you up with jobs that seem a good fit for your skill set. Searching Monster is similar to other sites. Perhaps what sets it apart is its ability to offer up career advice based on the information you provide. Get Work job searches are similar to those of other sites. It’s claim-to-fame is that it doesn’t waste your time by serving up old listings that have already been filled. In fact, it is said to be the most up to date job search site available. Reviews say this site is the best resource for those looking for hourly employment, but it does far more than that. It makes applying for the jobs on its site simple and fast. It also uses you info to recommend specific jobs to fit your skills. This site is famous among tech workers as the best place to get hooked up with IT companies. Landing your career dream job often depends on how successful you were with initially landing the right internships to help you hone your skills. This site will help you seek and find paid and unpaid internships as well as summer jobs for students and entry-level positions.

• This highly targeted job site is all about helping professionals in corporate communications, media, and public relations find that next job. If you love to write, blog, create social media posts etc., then this is a good site to help you get paid for it. The site boasts more than 8,000 articles to help you figure out how to make your passion a profession.

Courtesy geralt/Pixabay If you are or want to be a member of the Fourth Estate, a/k/a reporter, editor, publisher, photographer, videographer, page designer, copy editor, social media manager, or newspaper delivery person, then this is a great resource for finding that next job that can keep the ink flowing in those veins. This site is for those interested primarily in the magazine business. Workew specializes in remote work opportunities in design and UX, writing, consumer support, sales, etc., with an emphasis on startup and smaller companies. As the name says, We Work Remotely is all about helping you land that next remote job where commuting into the kitchen or home office is the easiest part of your day. It claims to be the number one site anywhere to search for remote jobs. Flex reviews say this is the best site for finding those ever so popular remote jobs. We guess the best remote site is the one that helps you land that next job where pants are optional. Remember when digital startups paid everyone in stock that turned into millions of dollars a few short years later? Well it can still happen from time to time and this site is aimed at helping you search for jobs in those types of startup companies. If you are just out of college and looking for a place to show off that freshly-minted diploma and lock down that first job, then this is the job search site for you. No explanation needed. This is a site focused on music industry careers of all types from producers to engineers to writers, players agents and more.

• Just go to this site and type in a search for jobs in Maui and you’ll see plenty listed on this beautiful 1990’s-style website that just never seems to change. So you live on Maui and you’d rather give up your right arm than consider taking a job anywhere else in the world. If that’s you, then cut to the chase and use this site to only search Hawaiian jobs by specific location. This site understands Hawaii and its cultural diversity. It has multiple language buttons on the home page in order to search for local jobs in nearly any language found on Maui. It’s a nice touch for sure and a great site for those who speak English as a second language. This is the site where all those taxpayer-funded jobs get posted. If you want a job working for Maui County, this is your site.

Joel Dyer