Maui Charity Gift Guide

The environment. Pets. The hungry. The houseless. The keiki. The kupuna. Maui is full of charities and nonprofits doing important work, and they all need your help

Maui Local Gift Guide

From broke da mout edibles to unique wearables to handcrafted furniture and much more, these are things being made on Maui, by Mauians. That’s worth supporting, during the holidays and every day

Maui County Adds Six Hybrid Electric Buses

The County Department of Transportation rolled out a half-dozen new hybrid electric, 35-foot buses produced by California-based GILLIG BAE, which will initially be deployed in Central Maui. They can carry 40 passengers and have rooftop batteries powered and restored by a diesel generator

Maui Tiny Homes

Tiny homes can be attractive in many ways. Some are just plain cute, while most boast appealing economic and environmental benefits. Conservation-minded nature lovers, perhaps inspired by Thoroeau’s “Walden,” like the idea of shrinking their footprint while living outdoors, immersed in the natural environment

Sumiko Inaba’s Rise Continues

Sumiko Inaba’s latest fight was tough. But she was tougher. The Pukalani-born, King Kekaulike High graduate’s most recent mixed-martial arts victory came at Long Beach Arena’s Bellator 286 in Southern California

Lily Meola, Home for the Holidays

Maui singer-songwriter Lily Meola could give a master class in discovering the beauty and grace within the paralyzing sadness of losing a loved one. Through her emotional appearances on “America’s Got Talent!”, she already has

Caring for the Land

“I will never let my kids play on a lawn that doesn’t have dandelions.” This emphatic statement came from a professor visiting my school to give a talk on how pesticides act as endocrine disruptors—chemicals that act much like hormones in both animals and plants

Broke Da Mout: December Edition

Places to eat on Maui that will make your mouth water

Broke Da Mout: November Edition

Broke Da Mout: November Edition

The 808 General Store just opened in a revamped ground-floor space in the 5 Palms. The store, related to 808 Deli and 808 on Main, serves up their legendary paninis and salads along with a fabulous Keawakapu Beach view

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Return of the Dread-I

Return of the Dread-I

Marty’s dreads are about as long as his musical career, and that means that they reach past his waist when he lets them loose. But he keeps his namesake locks tucked neatly into a colorful tam most days, because they’ve grown so darn heavy

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SCOTUS Rules on Gun-Carry Laws

SCOTUS Rules on Gun-Carry Laws

When the U.S. Supreme Court struck down a 100-year-old New York state law in June that required a license to carry a concealed firearm in public—and which limited them to individuals who could demonstrate a heightened need for self defense—it sent ripples across the nation, all the way across the Pacific to Hawaiʻi

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Candidate Profiles

Candidate Profiles

Here’s a look at the candidates running for national, state, and county office. That’s everything from the governor to the council to the mayor to the folks who’ll represent us in Washington, D.C.

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Stating it Out

Stating it Out

Maui County has a local council, and we also elect two Senators and one member of the U.S. House to represent us in Washington, D.C. But what about the folks we send to Oahu?

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Your Vote Matters

Your Vote Matters

In August, Maui County held a primary election. If you’re among the 75.2 percent of eligible voters who didn’t turn in a ballot, maybe you forgot. Maybe you didn’t care

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Chartering a Course

Chartering a Course

The Maui County Charter is, essentially, our local constitution. It sets the rules for county government and the way things operate, from mayor’s office to the council to codes of ethics to finances and so on. In short, it’s a pretty big deal

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Campaign Cash

Campaign Cash

Money. It’s been a force in politics practically since the birth of American democracy, and its influence doesn’t seem to be diminishing despite widespread agreement that it gives certain individuals and groups an outsized advantage come election day

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I’m Just a Bill Sitting on Wailuku Hill

I’m Just a Bill Sitting on Wailuku Hill

The list of things that make Hawaiʻi unique among U.S. states is a long one. Our pristine waters, world-class surf, towering volcanoes, tropical climate, and the complex and beautiful Polynesian host culture all set us apart and give island residents a sense of pride

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Skunks on  Maui: What’s the Stink?

Skunks on Maui: What’s the Stink?

The state Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR) trapped a live skunk in the Kanaha Pond State Wildlife Sanctuary in August. That’s a big deal for a couple of reasons. First, unlike mongoose and feral cats (the intended targets of the DLNR traps), skunks are...

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What Do the Unsheltered Need?

What Do the Unsheltered Need?

We quickly learned that existing shelters were viewed unfavorably by just about everyone in this population. A few share tales of being denied a bed, poor treatment by staff, and rules being unfairly applied. Granted, these aren’t the folks presently living at the shelters, and some hold animosity towards them, having been told to leave. But the negative perception is pervasive.

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More Stories

The Hawai‘i Career Acceleration Navigator: A Portal to Work

In June, state officials unveiled the Hawai‘i Career Acceleration Navigator. Gov. David Ige touted it as “a first-of-its-kind data platform to connect job seekers to careers in our post-pandemic economy.” Sounds good, but how does it work? Pretty well, actually.

Online Resources For Finding Your Next Job

Only you can land your dream job, but these sites can help We’re glad you’re using our MauiTimes’ Apply Within special issue for your local job search, but we understand that these pages are just one source of job listings and that any serious job hunter would be...

Toxoplasma: ‘The Cat Parasite’

It’s widespread in Hawai‘i, threatening wildlife, pets, and humans. What can be done? Odds are, you’re infected with a parasite that causes impaired vision, reduces decision-making, and may lead to premature death. On average, the parasite infects one in three people...

Rolling Restaurateurs

Would it surprise you to learn that the folks behind your food truck plate lunch might have come from the kitchens of some of the island’s most beloved and respected restaurants—places like Spago at the Four Seasons, Merriman’s of Kapalua, The Hāliʻimaile General Store, or Mama’s Fish House? It’s true. 

Fall Movie Preview

Thirteen buzz-worthy autumn films you (probably) won‘t want to miss.

More “Sex” Play? Yes, Please!

Written by Laura Eason and directed by Ricky Jones, “Sex With Strangers” tells the story of a May-September romance between two writers who meet not-quite-accidentally at a snowed-in bed and breakfast in rural Michigan.

A Labor of Love

Through the generosity and compassion of two local philanthropists, Maui’s at-risk youth will soon have a safe haven to escape to in times of crisis. 

Maui’s Pet Problem

The housing crisis is hitting animal-owning renters—and the Maui Humane Society—especially hard.

UH Maui College Gets Re-Accredited

After a year-and-a-half long process that included multiple reports, self-study and a campus inspection, UH Maui College has been re-accredited for the next eight years by the WASC Senior College and University Commission.

How to Regulate Ghost Guns: A Loaded Question

What, exactly, are ghost guns? As the name implies, they’re largely untraceable weapons without serial numbers that can be assembled from kits available online or created using 3D printers.

Progressive Superpac Seeks to Sway Liberals

Complaining that Hawaiʻi Democrats have grown too complacent to be effective, Oahu environmental activist Evan Weber, founder of the Sunrise Movement, and former state lawmaker Kaniela Ing, who previously held Rep. Tina Wildberger’s 11th District seat, have teamed up to form Our Hawai‘i Action, a Super PAC and 501(c)4 nonprofit, to steer the party to the left. 

The Explainer: No, It’s Not a Plane Crash

Cheer up, all you tourists and recently relocated residents of Maui—no passengers have been harmed in the making of this regularly recurring sight. It’s only a joint training exercise by the airport’s firefighting units in case something ever does go wrong.

Eh Brah! Disrespecting Honu

Getting too close—and definitely touching them—is against federal law and can land your clueless okole in serious trouble.

Pacific’o on the Beach

Pacific’o opened its doors in 1993, and continues its evolution as a landmark dining destination this year with new partners and a new executive chef.

Maui Food Trucks: Kitoko

The number of food trucks in Hawaiʻi has exploded in the past few years, attracting some unique entrepreneurs to Maui’s roadsides—chefs with storied careers who plied their trade at some surprisingly swanky kitchens prior to going mobile. That means that the folks...

Aloha Raw Keeps Living-Foods Movement Alive on Maui

This is a love story. Not just a love story between two people, but also about their love for a lifestyle centered around gourmet raw, living foods that they believe will transform the world into a better place.

Maui Times’ 2022 Food Issue Deadline Just Around The Corner!

Don't miss out on the upcoming MauiTimes 2022 Food Edition! Reach over 32,000 MauiTimes readers. Maui's locals and visitors depend on MauiTimes to find out "where to go" and "what to eat". Our upcoming special Food Edition 2022 is YOUR opportunity to reach MauiTimes'...

Flushing Money Down the Drain

Water is a precious commodity in Hawaiʻi, despite our islands being home to some of the wettest places on Earth where rainfall is recorded in the hundreds of inches. Proper management of this resource is complicated.

Extreme Beach Cleanup

Campbell Farrell is working the phone, recruiting a band of experienced watermen and women to help out on an expedition to Maui’s remote Kahakuloa coastline to clean up some of the island’s most difficult-to-access beaches.

Eh Brah! Dog Doo Doo Don’t

What’s up with the dog owners who bring doo doo bags and pick up their dogs’ mess…and then leave the bag full of dog crap on the beach!

Maui Food Trucks: Aloha ‘Aina BBQ

The tremendous rise in popularity enjoyed by food trucks in the past few years has attracted some unique entrepreneurs to Maui’s roadsides.

Reflections on the Year the Music Paused

For some, the lockdown was a respite, where we honed our gardening skills or finally baked the perfect loaf of sourdough. But for others whose livelihoods depend on tourism, it was more of an Orwellian nightmare.

Maui Film Festival Rises

Cinephiles rejoice: The Maui Film Festival will celebrate its 22nd year with a slate of notable films and honorees, July 6-10 at the Maui Arts and Cultural Center’s A&B Amphitheater, with streaming options available.