Breaking the Mold

“In breakdancing culture, there’s a saying: ‘Each one, teach one,’ meaning whatever you learn, pass it on, share the knowledge.”

SIMRIT “Reach the Beach” LIVE!

Simrit Kaur returns to Maui, Sunday May 7th to share her critically acclaimed hypnotic, haunting, mystical groove based music LIVE in Concert with her FULL BAND known as SIMRIT (all caps) for their 2nd LIVE in Concert Performance on Maui. Their popularity is the...

Welcome to Apply Within 2023

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to make a career change, this section will provide insights into the various job opportunities and some of the industries that are thriving right here on Maui.

Bones by the Beach

“We’re not going to give up on this because it is absolutely wrong for these hotels to keep building on top of our ancestors,”

Proposed Fees Aimed at Visitors

A bill before the state Legislature would require visitors to Hawaiʻi 15 and older to purchase a yearlong pass that would permit access to state parks and trails on all islands.

Health Care Workers End Strike

Health care workers belonging to the United Public Workers voted to ratify a new three-year contract on April 14.

Eh Brah: Hero Wahine

Eh Brah: Hero Wahine

This is for the young wahine who scooped up my toddler as he was waddling toward the waves in South Maui while my back was turned. You might have saved his life

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Another Boat Runs Aground on Maui

Another Boat Runs Aground on Maui

For the second time in as many months, a vessel has run aground on Maui shores. In March, the 56-foot motor boat broke loose from its moorings and grounded in Lāhainā near the Hauola birthing stone.  The state Department of Land and Natural Resources took control of...

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More Stories

The Sustainable Dream

We are an island thousands of miles from anywhere with limited land and resources. Almost all of the things we rely on come from afar—and that includes building materials, for home and commercial purposes.

Doing it Yourself

There are plenty of jobs you can do yourself with a little research, moxy, and resolve, and perhaps the help of your handiest uncle or auntie.

Edible Landscaping

How to eat your yard, feed your soul…and improve your property value.

Eh Brah: Plastics are choking our ocean

I live on Halama St. in Kīhei. Walk the beach every day. The storm brought plastics that washed on the shore. Yesterday I picked up a pound of rubbish. Tiny pieces that floated here from many miles away. I found a blue spoon from Guatemala with algae growth on it....

Little Beach Access Denied

A locked gate, arrests, and citations discourage visitors to unofficial nude beach Niko Zdraljevic certainly didn’t expect to end up in handcuffs when he set out for his favorite beach on a sunny Sunday in January. The coconut tree trimmer from Huelo just wanted to...

An Affordable Solution?

Peter Savio, who touts himself as Hawai‘i’s largest affordable housing developer, thinks housing has become too darned expensive

Adventures in Mauna Loa’s Lava Zone

The Earth opening, jettisoning fountains of molten rock, forming glowing red rivers of magma that drip like wax melting down the sides of a candle. That’s not something you see every day

Using Wasps to Save Coffee

Hypothenemus hampei, otherwise known as the coffee berry borer, is a scourge among coffee growers, including on Maui

The Explainer: Turbulence

Potholes, choppy waves, a change in airflow. There are many ways to explain airplane turbulence and relegate it to the relatively benign phenomenon it almost always is

Getting Involved: Hospice Maui

The end of life is a fraught, difficult time whenever and however it comes. But there are organizations dedicated to making the transition easier, including Hospice Maui

‘Paradise’ Lost

The movie will be regarded by mainlanders strictly as either a Trivial Pursuit entry (“Which two films co-star John Travolta and Bruce Willis?”) or a quickly disregarded footnote

Maui Visitor Arrivals Down, Spending Up

The state is catering, overall, to a wealthier demographic. Many locals might support it, because it means less-crowded beaches and parks but the same (or greater) level of spending