Report Stormwater Pollution On New Hotline, Website

Now any concerned citizen in Maui County can help to protect our streams and ocean from contamination by documenting sources of water pollution. Illicit discharges and illegal dumping of pollutants into storm drains or waterways are now easier to report thanks to a new hotline and online form provided by the State Dept. of Transportation Highways Division, Maui District. The “Stormwater Hotline” can be reached by dialing (808) 873-3535 or you can simply fill out the form which can be found at Click the yellow button that says “Make a Report Now.” The site requires your contact information in order to submit a report, and allows you to give a description of the discharge, its location, time, and date, as well as any license plate numbers or descriptions of people involved. Photos can also be uploaded. Inspectors who respond will initially provide education to the responsible party and may follow up with enforcement measures, if appropriate. Don’t want to give your name? Too bad, that’s just the price of joining the pollution police. 


Dan Collins