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There are many words for “work” in the Hawaiian language. “Hana” is the general term. “Hana lima” means to work with one’s hands. “Hana hihiu” is rare or unusual work. “Hoʻolaulima” means to work together. “Hana lohi” means to work slowly, while “hana ʻoʻoleʻa” is hard work. “ʻAʻako aku i ka hana” implores you to get going with the work. And “huli hana” means to look for work.

This special Apply Within jobs issue—powered by MauiTimes—is dedicated to helping our readers with that last one. As we emerge from the pandemic and prepare for the arrival of tourist season, the island is covered with “help wanted” signs. 

If you’re looking for work, you can find it. If you’re tired of your current position and want a new one, or are seeking a second or even third job, there are plenty of options to suit every experience level, interest, and skill set. Maui is hiring.

In these pages, we’ll highlight online resources that can connect you with the job you want, including a new state portal with an algorithm that makes it smarter as you search. We’ll show you how (and how not) to build a modern resumé. We’ll parse the realities of gig-economy side hustles and reveal the best-paying jobs for people of all education levels, from non-high school grads to folks with graduate degrees. And we’ll crunch some numbers on unemployment, remote work, Maui’s most popular jobs, and more.

Everyone has to work to live (well, most of us anyway). But if you find the right job, you can also live to work (well, sometimes anyway).

Work can be fulfilling and rewarding; it can provide a sense of pride and purpose. Mostly, though, let’s be real: it keeps money in the bank, gas in the tank, and food in the fridge.

All together now: ʻaʻako aku i ka hana!

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Cover design by Jeremy Acpal


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