Welcome to VOTE

It’s not about how or for whom you vote. It’s about being informed—and participating....

Welcome to VOTE powered by MauiTimes.

It’s election season. For some, those two words inspire more eyerolls than enthusiasm. It’s easy to be cynical about politics and politicians. 

But, as we argue in the following pages of this special Vote edition powered by MauiTimes, making your voice heard is important. In fact, it’s the only way democracy functions. 

We’re not here to tell you who or what to vote for (or against). But we will provide you with candidate and County Charter amendment rundowns, primers on how county and state government works and how bills become laws, all the places you can drop off your ballot, how to correctly fill out your ballot in the first place, and take a dive into how noncandidate campaign money flows in Hawai‘i.

And, once you’ve done your civic duty, you can enjoy the many events listed in our No Ka Oi 9 and comprehensive islandwide calendar.

Again, it’s not about how or for whom you vote. It’s about being informed—and participating.

Mahalo as always for reading and being engaged members of the community.


I’m Just a Bill Sitting on Wailuku HillHow laws are made in Maui County

Campaign Cash – How are political campaigns funded in Hawai‘i?

Chartering a Course – A look at the baker’s dozen proposed amendments to the Maui County Charter

Stating it Out – A primer on how Hawai‘i’s state legislature works

Candidate Profiles – An overview of who’s running and how you can learn more

Your Vote Matters – It’s not just about who you vote for…it’s about participating in the process

Tips for Filling in Your BallotYour vote only counts if you do it right


State Releases $294 Million in Tax Refunds

State Releases $294 Million in Tax Refunds

Beginning Sept. 9 and extending through the end of October, about $294 million will be refunded to taxpayers who filed their 2021 returns and have been Hawaiʻi residents for at least nine months

War of the Frogs

War of the Frogs

Anyone who has heard the mating call of the coqui frog remembers it. The nocturnal native of Puerto Rico, believed to have arrived in bromeliads shipped to Hawaiʻi from a nursery there in the 1980s, has a two-note chirping call that can exceed the legislatively-established state health standard of 70 decibels

Maui Invitational Bounces Back

Maui Invitational Bounces Back

​​The Maui Invitational has been a local institution for nearly four decades. But for the last two years, it wasn’t played on Maui